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 "Get More" Campaign 

The City of Tracy wanted to protect their Auto Mall from the slowed economy, so they invested in the "Get More" campaign to promote a wider reach and increase new car sales.


As a means to increase sales the team developed a gift card program. Those that bought a new car in Tracy received a $500 gift card to spend in Tracy. (Same as Cash)


Nappic created a 30-second commercial titled "Get More."  The character in the spot, upset with the dribble of a broken drinking fountain, decides to open a fire hydrant, and gets A LOT MORE water... "Get More."  


Nappic syndicated the commercial online on FaceBook in Northern California and reached 5.9 million impressions in 6 weeks, with an average of 1,600 click-throughs a day to the promotional website for the campaign.


Nappic broadcasted the commercial in Northern California and reached an additional 750,000 impressions.


Nappic also sent out press releases and received over 1 million impressions in print, television and online.



- Over 7 million impressions

- An Average of 1,600 click-throughs a day to the website 

- At the end of 10 weeks, 800 new cars we're sold with a revenue of over 19 million 



Brand Development


The City of Tracy engaged Nappic to revitalize the city brand. The opening of the new City Hall prompted the decision to revitalize the brand platform to include the modernization and changes taking place.  The Nappic team worked hand-in-hand with Tracy's City Staff and Council to capture their unique history and their flourishing future.


Nappic conducted research and developed a brand platform with a revitalized brand position, personality traits, and brand persona. Key to the branding process, was capturing all the elements of Tracy in a unique way that would grab people and make it memorable and extensible. With those elements, and the location of Tracy being a major attraction (positioned between three interstates) Nappic came up with "Tracy -- Think Inside the Triangle" as the new tagline.  Playing on the much used saying “think outside the box", Nappic decided it was time to "think Inside the triangle".  The extensibility of the tagline allows Tracy to extend it across departments, programs and campaigns.  For example, "Shop Inside the Triangle", "Work Inside the Triangle" and "Live inside the Triangle". The extensibility of the tagline further strengthens the overall brand.


As part of the brand revitalization Nappic designed a new logo, business card and stationary.


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