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TaxBrain is an online tax service that competes head-to-head with industry giants TurboTax® ( and TaxCut® ( in the online preparation and filing of US tax returns. 
TaxBrain came to Nappic to help them develop a social media campaign to drive new customers to their service.
 "Stolen NASCAR" appeared over 350 times on many networks/shows, including ESPN’s “Sportscenter,” NBC/ABC/CBS news programs and affiliate programs, “The Today Show” and “Good Morning LA” and was awarded the #6 viral ad of 2007 by MarketingSherpa. 


Total Audience Impressions: 40,447,080 (first three weeks)

Total Publicity Value: $1,831,259.11 (first three weeks)


Nappic developed a one of a kind campaign that exceeded all expectations. 
In order to reach the audience -- men and women between the ages of 18 -25, Nappic's objective was to come up with a program that would shock viewers.
Nappic decided to create a ’shocking’ video around TaxBrain's sponsored NASCAR. 
The racecar offered the symbolism of quickness and the entertainment came from the story development, the use of a an 'entertaining' brand and the channel of distribution ... YouTube.

Nappic staged the heist of the TaxBrain NASCAR before a live racetrack crowd which included press. 
The event was perceived as real for the first five days after the event. 
The ads were spread via YouTube and the stunt was so shocking and realistic the video was aired on National news as a real story and became an Internet sensation. 
Leveraging the successes of the videos that instantaneously went viral, Nappic launched successive campaigns to keep alleged theft' alive and the buzz going.  
Through 7-second videos, a JumboTron Commercial Spot at a live NASCAR Race and several commercials the buzz around infamous racecar theft was kept alive and ultimately the TaxBrain brand burned into the minds of the target audience.


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