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Punchard Player ( is a low budget, independent feature length movie (dramatic comedy).  Think “Election” meets “Raging Bull” with a high-concept hook of a suburbanite who is working six jobs (punch in/punch out) to maintain his materialistic lifestyle.  As brand new project, Punchcard Player required the works.  The overall objective was to grab the hearts and minds of three different audiences while working on a budget.
Nappic developed a catchy, innovative way to launch “Punchcard Player” while also integrating the story of the film makers into the overall brand. To reach these three distinct audiences, Nappic came up with an integrated brand, message and voice campaign.  The program started with the development of a logo that was representative of a timecard.   The timecard was used throughout the brand and marketing campaign with 11 other components to call notice to the unique traits of the feature film. 
The project consisted of two websites, a media kit, trailers and a Brand Voice that consisted of a variety of media to reach the diverse target audience.  Nappic was able to produce a full-spectrum campaign, targeting three different audiences on a budget.



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