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Our Brand Philosophy

We believe that branding is the foundation of your business. Before building collateral, websites, or engaging with customers or the press we believe your Brand Base needs to be solid and project your story. 
Let us share with you some of our philosophies on branding. Why? Well, we feel that if you understand our philosophy you’ll understand the process we’ve adopted and how it will benefit your company. Plus, we love our work and we feel that sharing our process is part of developing a strong partnership with our customers.
Today, businesses use branding as a marketing tool to symbolize their company and rise above the competition. People have been doing this for centuries through symbols and trademarks. In fact, early Christians relied on the symbol of the Fish to secretly identify each other and avoid persecution. During the Dark Ages families would use trademarks to identify each other and their possessions. These “Coats of Arms” were especially important because very few people could read at the time. Craftsmen during these times would also inscribe a personal mark on their products to show their calling.
Ranchers have used branding irons to brand their symbols on livestock for years. And, they continue to brand their livestock even now.  It is a means of protecting their wealth and identifying their property. Sound familiar? Branding also thwarts possible thieves.
By developing a strong brand companies can protect their wealth by retaining their clients. Consumers buy and continue to buy what they know and trust. Consumers buy products from brands that embody the values that are important to them. People know the logo of their favorite brands. Take of example the Target, Apple or Coca Cola. Strong brands endure over time and through hard economic times. At Nappic we strive to create strong brands that people will embrace, remember and live by hence protecting and even increasing the wealth of the businesses we serve.
What is in a brand, you as? A brand is the culmination of a strong story, effective visual elements and a powerful mission. But, that is only half the battle of branding.
Once you have a strong Brand Base you then need to communicate the brand. Our objective is to communicate and deliver the company’s brand not only to customers, media and partners, but to ensure that the brand resonates internally throughout the company. This is a critical step to ensuring a brand’s overall success.
Our vision is to help our clients create and grow a long-term-minded brand—or grow their existing brand—through innovative marketing and effective communications.
 Our mission is to create lasting brands and bridge the gap between your brand and the world. We do this by offering innovative, high quality marketing and communications programs that deliver unforgettable, far reaching results both for our customer and their audiences.
 We always provide the best possible services to our clients. We value integrity and craftsmanship in each and every one of our projects. We are dedicated, collaborative, trustworthy, ethical, kind, disciplined, consistent, patient, passionate and long-term-minded. We also strive to have fun in all that we do and value the work-life-family balance.