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Alex Teplitxky

Alex Teplitxky

Alex Teplitxky is a passionate marketer and entrepreneur with an
expertise in creating, implementing and managing multimedia and social
media strategies for both small businesses and large corporate

Alex entered the social media sphere 5 years ago when he started
ActivityLounge.com, an outdoor and extreme sport social network which
was welcomed with great interest in the start-up world. Alex then
participated in the launch of some of Microsoft's first social media
campaigns in the US. These pilot campaigns were so successful that
they triggered the expansion of the program to international markets
within many different product lines.

Before joining Nappic, Alex was the Marketing Director of a multimedia
consulting firm where he created a highly successful social media
department which resulted in dozens of satisfied, repeat customers.

When it comes to Social Media, Alex has the passion, know-how, and the
energy needed to take your business to the next level.

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