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About Nappic, Inc.

About Us

Typically, our clients are organizations that are spending marketing dollars and having a problem of not maximizing their efforts.  We've helped our clients reach millions more with the same budget.

Welcome to Nappic! We are communicators, storytellers, artists, technicians, inventors, designers, producers, filmmakers, writers, dreamers…

Nappic Communications is a hardworking, honest and dedicated communications and cinema company. More specifically, we are a branding and entertainment firm that produces engaging content that catches the attention of the targeted audience.
Our Story
In 1997, Steven Napolitan founded Napolitan Productions (NP), a film and video production company that produced movies and corporate video services. Unlike the competition, Steve created videos with a marketing mentality – always focusing on how to reach the target audience. Steve’s products were so effective his clients requested other marketing services such as web, branding and graphics. To meet the needs of his growing client base Steve began to expand services and add talent. Due to Steve’s customer centric nature, NP organically grew into a full-service communication company. 
In 2006, Steve decided to rebrand NP. While wanting to retain key elements of NP and demonstrate that new company was bigger than ever, Steve came up with Nappic. Nappic is derived from “Napolitan” and “epic” as in “larger than life.” Adding epic was a no-brainer because it also refers to grand scale storytelling, which is a dominant theme in Nappic’s communication programs. Steve is passionate about reaching the audience and knows that in order to engage the consumer the marketing programs need to be entertaining. As storytellers and movie makers Nappic is about uncovering the ‘story’ and telling it in a way that elevates the brand, person, and product while capturing the audience’s attention.
Thank you
Thank you for sticking around to hear about how we came to be. We are experts at growing a company's business. We listen, we hear and then we create an unforgettable communications program that makes sense for your budget and for the growth of your business.
Looking for good company, a good partner and fresh ideas? Then you have just met your team!